The Conference, 2009
Bezirksamt, 2009
  Symbolic Capital, Part I, 2009
In proportion as the exploitation of one individual by another will be put to an end, the exploitation of one nation by another will also be put to an end. K Marx 1847, 2009 (with Gernot Wieland)
(work in public space)
  Walking, 2008
Between here and there, 2008
  Cigarette seller, 2006
Women Who Carry Things, 2005-2006
  Outside II, 2006
Outside I, 2005
  Untitled 1-4, 2005
Untitled (Former Stasi bulding, Berlin), 2005
(photography/public space)
  The Conversation, 2005
And this is where we are, 2005 (video)
  Afternoon on the Village Square (with Boy), Pos. 1 - 4, 2004 (photography) Beim Sportplatz, 2004 (photography)
  Im Bereich des Möglichen / In the Realm of the Possible Part I, 2003 (photography) Im Bereich des Möglichen / In the Realm of the Possible Part II, 2003 (audio, interviews)
  5 Street Cleaners and 3 Litter Bins, 2003 (photography) Untitled 1 - 12 (Berlin) 2003 (photography)
  Men Urinating near the Olympiastadion, Berlin, 2002 (photography) 12 Pregnant Female Goats and 1 Male Goat Separated, Tirol, 2002 (photography)
  Signs Explaining Animals or Plants Possibly to be Seen in Nature, Lübars Recreation Area, 2001 (photography) 5 Variations of a Woman Being Interrupted from Crossing a Street, Berlin, 2001 (photography)
  Und das sehe ich ziemlich nüchtern / And I See That Quite Soberly), 2000 (audio, interview) Untitled photographs 1 - 12,
  I enrum / On Your Own, 2000 (audio, interviews) Poster Putsch, 1999
(photography/public space)